Some WOODSTOCK products are imported from countries other than the USA. Why?


We source products from the USA whenever possible; however, we do source certain products from other countries. With the high demand for organic product coupled with the fact that it takes three years for a farm to become certified organic, organic supplies are something limited in the USA. This is why we are so passionate about supporting the American Farmland Trust (AFT) in their efforts to preserve land for sustainable farming. Our intentions are to help preserve farmland so we can build our supply right here at home and won't have to source organic products from overseas. According to the AFT: "In America, we've been losing more than an acre of farmland per minute. Between 2002 and 2007, 4,080,300 acre of agricultural land were converted to developed uses - an area nearly the size of Massachusetts". If you visit you can learn more about these issues. Other factors for our decision to source internationally include seasonality, origin of crop, and quality.  Products grown in the USA are always our first choice, however, it all reverts back to supply and demand. We are always looking to source closer to home and plan to work toward that goal for the future.

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